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This website, Benfleet.Com, is an advertising portal for properties for sale in the Benfleet, South Benfleet and North Benfleet areas.

We are not an estate agency and are happy to advertise any property that is for sale, whoever it is with.

If you choose to advertise your property on this site, you are welcome to put your own contact details. However should you sell directly, you may or may not have to pay your agent(s). You would need to verify the contract that you have with them. You may have a sole agency agreement or a sole selling agreement. There is a difference. Of course you may also have a multi-agency agreement.

We charge just £69.99 to advertise your property. For that figure we will create a mini-website for your home, take professional photos of your house for you to promote your home (you may also wish to send them to your agent, if there photos are not up to the job) and publicise your home via social media.

£69.99 will get you....

That small price might mean the difference between a long wait and a quick sale

See as an example as to how your home could look.


You can use both and to access this site.

Please email for more information on advertising your home.